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Get to Know Me

Hey! I am Morgan Fischer, the face behind the camera at MKFischer Photography!

I am a small town girl from Arlington, South Dakota who discovered how cool photography could be in 7th grade yearbook class. If my 7th grade self could only see how totally cool it could be! 

If you are wondering if I would be the right fit for your photography needs, here are a few important things to know: 

Some of my favorites


1. a good book

2. lovable four-legged friends - especially my adorable dog named Fudge... see picture for cuteness ovreload!

3. spending time with family - I might be bias, but I think my family is the best!

4. summer time and warm weather - yes, I do understand I live in South Dakota where the weather is nice for like 3 weeks each year, but I still love it! 


5. coffee - I love pretty much any kind, but my favorite is a yummy caramel latte!

In December 2019 I graduated from Augustana University in Sioux Falls, SD with a degree in elementary education. Working with adorable tiny humans has always been a passion of mine, and I cannot wait to see where this path will lead me! I have found that teaching is the perfect career to pair with photography, and I consider myself blessed to be able to do both things I love!

I also love to bake! Now, I am not saying I am great at this, but if I have some spare time on the weekends, there is a good chance I will be testing out a new recipe in the kitchen while listening to some disney classical music (another favorite of mine). 

When I am not behind a camera I...


Still wanting to know more? Reach out! I love new friends and would love to hear from you! I know that picking the right person to be your photographer is a big deal! Hope to hear from you soon. 

xoxo, Morgan

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